The Center was established 50 years ago. This tenure has secured immeasurable trust within the community. It has also allowed us to build long and productive relationships with our collaborative partners. This resource is further demonstrated by the long tenure of some of the Center’s staff. These members bring a valuable history, knowledge, and experience to the team. To build upon this resource, the Center will work to more effectively share its story with and promote its services to all community members in the Spokane area.

American Indian Community Center (AICC), a 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit organization is genuinely committed to meeting the needs of the urban-based Native population. This is demonstrated in the long tenure of staff and their close relationships with clients and community partners. To build upon this resource, this Center will improve its understanding of clients’ needs through data collection and will strengthen its collaborative networks through active formal and informal agreements.

The Center’s urban-based Native community members and staff bring diverse cultural perspectives from various Tribes and homelands. These contributions create unique and valuable learning experiences for our clients and partners. To build upon this resource, the Center will continue to support cultural activities (arts, drumming, beading, etc.) and events (celebrations, pow-wows, festivals, art shows, and crafts fairs). This includes creating a dedicated space for Native artists to promote and sell their work.

AICC’s most valuable resource is its relationships. The staff, clients, partners, volunteers, and other supporters are the foundation of the Center’s work. Together, these relationships create a sense of belonging for urban-base Native people living in the greater Spokane area. To build upon this resource, the Center will engage in team building activities, support cultural activities and events, and more effectively share its story and services.


“To empower primarily urban-based Native Americans living in the greater Spokane area by providing a gathering place dedicated to delivering culturally competent social, economic, cultural, educational, spiritual healing, and vocational services.”

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